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About Us

Shenzhen Onlyway Technology Co., ltd(Onlyway)  specializes in providing PCB design , PCB layout service.

 A skilled, experienced, efficient and dedicated design team is our guarantee, most of them have more than 5 years design experiences. We can take full account of many factors which may affect the performance of products, such as EMI, SI, DFM, etc. ,to save reasonable costs for you.

Our design area  covers  high-speed communications, industrial, medical, monitoring and security products, consumer electronics( Mobile, MID, laptop, smart wear products etc.),smart home devices , set-top boxes, switchboards, Routers,embeddedmotherboards, Vehicle products, Navigation products, optical access, power products, aerial machines, robotics, radio frequency products, POS machines, digital and analog products, DDR,X86 , ACTA, CPCI  products and so on.

Professional design, Specification design,  strict examination, just to give you the most satisfactory products and services.

Onlyway, your best PCB design,pcb layout  partner!

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