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Frequently Questions &Answers:

1, Q: What information need to provide to assess the quotation and delivery?

A: Please provide schematics, board dimensions and design layers you need,

so that we can assess the actual cost and delivery. The schematic should be  software format, PDF format can not be assessed.


2, Q: Which kind of Schematic formats should we provide?

A: Most complete software format schematic can be designed (such as PADS LOGIC format, ORCAD, PROTEL99, AD etc.).


3,Q: What documents will be given to us when finished Layout?

 A: We will give you all the documents manufacture needed ,such as PCB original files, CAM fabrication files, SMD patch files, DXF structure files, ASM assembly files etc.


4,Q: Do you need to charge if we update schematic or other

information ,during the design process?

A: Workload less than 4 hours and update pins not more than 80 is free.Or will be charged accordingly.


5, Q:Can you assure every design success once time 100%?

A: Although we have designed a lot cases, with rich experience, but we can not ensure that .But if you can promise provide complete and accurate Schematic and other information,  we can assure you more than 99% success .


 6, Q: If the design failed to fabrication, how to deal with it?

A: If the design has any problems, we have engineers to help analyze and handle the problems. If the design is confirmed have problems ,then we will re-design for you for free.


7, Q: You have designed such large number of PCBs, can you sold us the file we can use?

A: The answer is actually no. We have the responsibility to keep all information in secret for all our clients. We are a professional PCB design company, We only can design for you ,according to the schematic diagram you provide, thank you for understanding.


8: Q: How do you charge?

A: For the new version: we are according to Pin number , due to the degree of difficulty is different, the price is different accordingly.We can quote you based on the schematic you provided.

For the revision: assessment of the amount of change, according to the pin or time calculation, please contact us for details.

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